2009 - The dream

Coaches Xavier Ruiz and Alvaro Rodriguez met in Chile, and from a spontaneous and enthusiastic conversation, they come up with the idea to shape an international project, focused on joining a wide community of Coaches around the world to give strength and value to the discipline and they decided to work together to achieve this.

2010-11 - Planning

In the following two years, constant talks are established for the preliminary planning and the questions that will give power to the project are generated. How to generate these synergies? How to establish the basis of this project?

2012-13 - Integration

WACLE official start. The first contacts are established with a team of Coaches of recognized experience in several countries, who join the proposal to give rise to what will be the first steps of WACLE.

2014 - Redefinition

In the framework of the DEHAC prestigious international convention, hosted that year by Xavier Ruiz and Paco La Cruz in Guadalajara (Mexico), the discussions are rethought to give rise to a project of greater scope, with greater projection.

2015 - First tests

Pilot tests are performed, since WACLE has its own space in the web! And as every project, WACLE seeks to improve, adjust to move to a market that aims at excellence.

2016 - The team grows

Now WACLE is redefined as a certifying entity with new challenges and a new way of working. #WAMT: We are more together!!! The new redefinition team is leaded by Xavier Ruiz (Spain). Engineer/Coach Ivette Puerta (Venezuela) participates in the protocols, and along with the rest of the solid team created, they work on the bases, the essence and standards of what this certification would bring to the world of coaching worldwide.

2017 - Service

We began working for the new vision, we continue planning, immersed in a process of continuous improvement, and growing to achieve the establishment of WACLE certification in a market and needs increasingly demanding. The dreams we have in 2009 is now real, and here we are!