• “Because of the integration of two companies of the group, there was a collective that shared the same function, but people did not know each other personally, since they came from different companies. We hired “Relaciones de Valor”, and it was all a success! This good experience encouraged us to propose this training for other collectives of the Group, with similar circumstances and needs. We understood each other very quickly; we liked immediately their style: rigorous and at the same time playful, original, modern, competent, close, fresh, constantly reviewed and improved.”

    Rosa Andreu
    Rosa Andreu Training Director Seguros Catalana Occidente, Spain


  • At Hubcoaching we develop programs within the framework of continuous improvement for the development of Emotional Intelligence of companies and their members. We were looking for an external certification that met certain requirements such as credibility, seriousness, trust and with whom we feel represented: WACLE fulfills these important points for us, both for its international dimension and well-founded standards in coaching. WACLE gives us a quality and representativeness bonus when it comes to submitting proposals to our potential customers, and helps us with the sale. Our program “Relaciones de Valor” accredited by WACLE is a clear example. To date it has been completed in 18 editions and has more than 300 participants in total.

    Joan Pau Rafel
    Joan Pau Rafel Hubcoaching Business Director, Spain


  • I would express it as follows: What a powerful tool! I started using it with two people in the foundation, and they were thrilled by the results. So much so, that one talked to me in the afternoon and told me that he had already had a meeting with the director to generate his lists of goals until the end of the year. And for me, it has been a great challenge to carry out the changes that motivated me to take the program accredited by WACLE. Program: “Certificación Facilitando DIC_2016”

    Fiona Fraiser
    Fiona Fraiser Coach. Chile
  • It is a powerful experience to let yourself be led by Yoyo, in the pursuit of our own boycotters, which prevent us from achieving what we long for ourselves. Thanks for the invitation, and your diagnosis that the acquisition of tools for coaches is important, is totally accurate, and even more so when they are leveraged by international accreditations such as WACLE. Program: Certificación Facilitando DIC_2016

    Pedro Montecino
    Pedro Montecino Coach. Chile
  • Coaching Tools accredited by WACLE, has given me the training and tools that go beyond my expectations. It is a formal program of organizational coaching, and above all, immensely practical, and the models and methodologies delivered are easy to put into practice, which from my point of view, is one of its best virtues. Program: Certificación Coaching Tools_2016

    Carlos Clausen
    Carlos Clausen Coach. Chile
  • This program went beyond my expectations. At first, I was not very convinced, and yet, after the first two-day seminar, something changed in me, which made my motivation for learning to drastically increase, and without realizing it, even though I came searching for technical tools, I was surprised to see the transformation in me at the end of almost four months of the program. Happy and proud. Program: Certificación Coaching Tools_2016

    Daniel Eisermann
    Daniel Eisermann Civil Engineer and Musician, Chile
  • For me, it has meant a new way of approaching life and processes, and I would summarize it in Learning in Experience. And along with that, the Organizational Coaching tools that the facilitators and the program itself have delivered have been magnificent. I am happy with the training and international certification, and I have been totally motivated to train myself as a Coach. Program: Certificación Coaching Tools_2016

    Bárbara Montes
    Bárbara Montes Commercial Engineer and HR Consultant. Chile