What is WACLE?

The World Accreditation of Coaching Learning (WACLE) is an international entity that certifies coaching programs, with headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) and with representatives in each country where it has presence, currently 10 countries between Latin America and Europe.

WACLE accredits the foundations, principles and standards of learning and development programs from Coaching.

Our differential value in the market is that, in addition to certify your training program for coaches, WACLE also allows you to accredit the programs you carry out for your corporate clients, for your groups of individuals, for organizations, associations, etc … as long as it complies with the foundations and standards of quality coaching.

WACLE facilitates this movement of care for the coaching profession from the union of professional coaches restless for quality coaching, and fosters synergies between the international network and stimulates the broadcasting and visibility of accredited Coaches and Programs through the user directory.