Guiding principle and standards

Guiding principle

WACLE exists in the world of Coaching development as an entity that supports and serves as a framework for professional coaches who, adding their knowledge and experience, forming a solid network and certifying Coaching programs, make this profession able to increasingly bring value to the world, to continue with the illusion and focus of making a better world …

WACLE exists to support professionals and their coaching products so that they continue to help people to be better professionals from the coaching tool, to be better people and to achieve, among all of us, a more pleasant and sensitive world, full of consciousness.

The essence of WACLE has a saying, and is that together we can be better, when we support each other we can grow and network to recognize the work well done, and thus generate more credibility of the profession of quality Coaching.


WACLE standards are the fundamental basis of our accreditations, they are the guide by excellence of the success of the formative programs accredited by us. If you want to accredit your program with us, we invite you to download them.