Diplomas/folio Verifier


Through this search engine you can locate your diploma/folio of the program accredited by WACLE you did, and thus identify your unique ID is in our records.

Thank you very much for trusting in a program accredited by WACLE.

Write your name or the name of your accredited program.

Nombre del participante/Participant namePrograma Acreditado/Accredited ProgramID. Diploma-Folio/Diploma ID.-Folio
Ligia Vargas Coach Transformacional CO-004-022
Ligia Vargas Coach de Vida CO-004-021
Jersson Mendoza Plazas Coach Transformacional MX-005-034
Jersson Mendoza Plazas Coach De Vida MX-005-033
Victor Hugo Reyes Guerra  Coach Transformacional MX-012-014
Victor Hugo Reyes Guerra  Coach De Vida MX-012-013
María De Jesús Almanza Núñez Coach Transformacional MX-012-012
María De Jesús Almanza Núñez Coach De Vida MX-012-011
Juan José Guzmán Franco Coach Transformacional MX-012-010
Juan José Guzmán Franco Coach De Vida MX-012-009


If you like, WACLE includes you the accreditation service, the issuance of diplomas/folios you need for the participants in the programs previously accredited with WACLE.

In this way, we continue to ensure the total guarantee of accreditation, in the design and image, and we support the validity and your excellence with us.

In addition, we provide an ID unique for each participant, and through an international diploma/ folios verification directory, participants in your programs will be able to be identified by WACLE.

WACLE, will then randomly conduct mini-surveys with the participants to learn the degree of satisfaction about the program received, being one more indicator of quality.

The format is a package of 15 diplomas/folios, with a unit cost of 6 € per folio. These are already engraved with the seal of WACLE, attendant name, and the unique official identification number of WACLE.

After completing the training program accredited by WACLE, the facilitator requests a package of at least 15 diplomas / folios, and he/she may request more.

Please attach an Excel file with:

  • ID of the program + Program name (in the Excel)
  • Name of the participants exactly as they must be written in the diplomas/folios
  • Email of the participants for the random satisfaction surveys.

The request shall be sent to this email: acreditaciones@wacle.org

The accreditations department will respond within a maximum period of 48 working hours, stating the cost of the diplomas / folios and the link for payment by credit card or Paypal.

Once the payment has been made, WACLE will prepare the diplomas / folios and will send them by email in PDF format to the participants with a copy to the facilitator.

From that moment on, the diplomas / folios will be included in the verifier.