How long would it take to get an answer to my accreditation request?

Once we receive your request through our web platform, WACLE will provide you with an answer to your request within 15 days.

Why should I accredit my program?

Accrediting your training program will give you the support you will need to offer it in the market, since WACLE guarantees an exhaustive quality protocol and thus support you so that your program achieves the stated objectives.

How much does it cost to join the Coach directory?

Joining WACLE community, where you will be appearing in our web page and offer your services to the world, is completely free

What is the difference between an accredited program and program certified for WACLE?

The accredited program is validated in its methodology with our quality standards.

A certified program, in addition to being validated in its methodological processes, certifies that someone has developed sufficient knowledge and has the necessary skills to put into practice what has been learned.

What if my program is not approved?

The WACLE accrediting committee will contact the applicant to explain the reasons, and if necessary, they will support them if they wish to make a new request, recommending the necessary changes to re-do the request.

Will my first payment be reimbursed if I do not get the accreditation/certification?

The first payment will be necessary to begin the application process as this cover operating expenses. You will be paying for the analysis and detailed study of your program, which is why it will not be refunded; however, the second payment will only be made once the program has been approved.